Precise Sensor Modeling Technology

Precise sensor modeling technology For Satellite images, aerial images, UAV multi-images

Sensor Modeling Technology

Sensor modeling reproduces the relationship between image coordinate systems and their corresponding ground coordinates system when images is taken. Sensor modeling technique is core technology to obtain accurate geometric information from satellite images by removing initial errors on the board.

Sensor modeling techniques are divided into two types, rigorous sensor model and general sensor model. 3DLabs has developed diverse sensor modeling technique to be applicable and the techniques already verified for high resolution satellite imagery such as KOMPSAT-3, KOMPSAT-3A, WorldView Series, GeoEYE Series, Pleiades Series and so on. We are still developing the technique to be used in new satellites.

Precise Sensor Modeling of Satellite Images

· World's First Identification of Quality Factors of Stereo Satellite Images
· Rfm(Rational Function Model)-based Precise Sensor Modeling

Precise Sensor Modeling of aerial Images

· Transform the sensor coordinate system
· Collinearity equation-based precise sensor modeling of aerial images

Image block bundle adjustment technology using Tiepoint & gcp between adjacent images