• ◎ OIMM is a software that real-time mapping using a single image acquired from an aviation frame camera.

  • ◎ OIMM can process single image or mosaic image mapping in real-time through transformed to ground coordinate system and estimation of transform relationship each images.

Simple Menu Composition

· Simple UI without Complex Step
· Category by function
· Automatic acquisition of initial EOP by extracting
EXIF recorded in image
· High-speed / real-time processing by data input

Division Frame /
Time unit of Video

· Function Video Division
· Division Processing of Frame / Time unit

Automated mosaic
of Multi-Images

· TiePoint Extraction & Matching
· Brightness Value Correction & Boundary Line Extraction
· TiePoint-based Image Mosaicing
· EOP-based Mosaicing

Single Image Mapping

· Initial EOP-based Single Image Mapping
· Creating and Saving the Result Data Such as KML, KMZ, GeoTIFF etc.
· Real-time Processing by data input
· Fast and Easy Visualization through Google Earth

Products Composition

· Real-time mapping module of Single image and mosaic
· Automated mosaic image generation module
· Frame / time unit division module of video