3D-UAV Mapper

  • ◎ 3D-UAV is software specialized for UAV image processing

  • ◎ 3D-UAV includes photogrammety-based SfM engine to produce accurate bundle adjustment results.

  • ◎ 3D-UAV provides position/attitude information, mosaic, point cloud, and DSM creation functions from UAV images.

Simple and easy UI

· Simple UI
· Image input and Bundle Adjustment Module
· GCP input / extract and Block Adjustment Module
· DSM, Point Cloud, Orthographic Image Generation Module
· 3D Visualization Module

Input Images

· Image Batch input Function using EO Values
· LAT·LON, UTM Coordinate Transformation Support
· Orientation Angle transformation function of UAV Images
· 3D Visualization of Image Location Orientation

Provides Adjusted EO

· Automatic Bundle Adjustment
· Bundle Adjustment Result for Stereo Display
· Initial Image Mosaic Extraction

Various Geospatial Information

· Mosaic Image (General, Ortho)
· Precise DSM
· 3D Point Cloud

UAV Processing of
Plotting level

· UAV block adjustment engine development
· EO value calculation for stereoscopic without dizziness
· Y-parallax of 1 pixel of auto-generated stereo image
· Image mosaic and 3D information acquisition using
calcurated EO value

Independentable 3D
Visualization Module

· WebGL(Cesium)-based Local Visualization Engine
· Image Input, Mosaic Image, Point Cloud, DSM
· Confirm and Control each result of processing step
Through 3D Visualization Window
· Provides 3D Viewer Function using Navigation handle Function