• ◎ 3DSuite® is based on latest techniques of sensor modeling, ortho-rectification and DEM generation for various Satellites, Aerial and UAV images

  • ◎ 3DSuite® offres automated generation of high quality geospatial products at a fast speed.

  • ◎ 3DSuite®는 다양한 사용자 환경에 맞추어 완전한 Package로 제공되며 사용자의 필요에 따라
    기능별 모듈로 제공 가능합니다.

· Satellites, Aerial and UAV images
· Single or Multi-Images Processing
· Automated DSM Generation
· DEM Editing
· Ortho / Mosaic Generation

S/W Performance
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S/W Execution Screen

Products Composition

· 3D photogrammetry engine, high-speed image matching engine, orthographic image generation engine